Our Ambassadors

We are proud to have several Ambassadors who support our brand and what we do. They are passionate about supporting and improving the health of their animals and see the benefits that Accell Animal Therapy can bring. Our Ambassadors work with various animals and participate in various sports and activities. They all share the same goal of helping their animals to reach their full potential. Whether it's through competition, racing, tricks, working animals, or simply their pets at home, Accell Animal Therapy is playing a part. We are honoured to have such dedicated professionals working with us to improve the lives of animals all around Australia.

Steve and Vicki Austin

Professional Trainers
New South Wales

Dannielle Hawken

Vet Nurse

Rachael Fullerton | Unleashed Pawtential

Agility, Disc & Dog Sports
New South Wales

Ailsa Crosthwaite

Breed Showing

Janelle Waddington | Japatina Kennels

Breed Showing

Lynda Campbell

Breed Showing

Dyson & Paula Beasley | Switch on Agility

Agility & Agility Training
New Zealand

Samantha Raines | The Furnatic Fam

Flyball & Showing
New South Wales


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