Pro Series Therapy Mat

The Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat is the next evolution of animal therapy. Hundreds of hours have been spent developing the Pro Series Therapy Mat. The Pro Series has evolved to be substantially easier to use than the previous Series 12 Therapy Mat; the Pro Series Therapy Mat will include dual power operation utilising cutting edge Li-ion battery technology and a commercial-grade chew-proof mains power cord.

Our therapy systems are available for purchase through one of our Therapy Specialists. If you would like to book a free consultation, please complete the form below and one of our Therapy Specialists will contact you to arrange a time.


There is no doubt the Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat has evolved to be the most superior therapy option out there for owners, handlers, trainers, professionals and veterinarians. It has been designed for both in-home and professional use. Request a free consultation below and one of our therapy specialists will be in touch to arrange a time convenient for you.

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