Congratulations on welcoming a new member into your family.

This is a relationship that will become more important to you as the years go by.

We understand the ongoing health and wellbeing of your “furbaby” is profoundly important to you and we are here to help. Did you know, enhancing your dog’s circulation and lymphatic drainage can help your dog’s live a fuller and healthier life? It is the key to all helming after all.

As a free gift to you, RSPCA is offering you a free Accell Therapy session for your new family member…all you need to do to help us understand your animal better, click on the options below where they are experiencing concerns, fill in the details to redeem your session. Along the way you can answer a few questions about your “furbaby’s” health so we can help you even more.

Your pets long term health is of utmost importance. Let us help you provide the best care possible to your much loved new family member.

We look forward to meeting you…

RSPCA working with ACCELL Therapy
Free Demonstration