Therapy Mat

The Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat is the next evolution of animal therapy. Hundreds of hours of product development and improvements have led to the Accell Pro Series evolving to be substantially more straightforward than the previous Series 12 Therapy Mat. The Pro Series Therapy Mat will include dual power operation utilising cutting-edge Li-ion battery technology and commercial-grade chew-proof mains power cord.

Further to the dual power improvements, the look and feel of the Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat are among the long list of improvements. A new design to the outer casing includes a water-resistant Copper Infused Gel Foam top cover for superior comfort and antimicrobial protection against viruses and microbial growth to prevent odours and stains.

There is no doubt the Accell Pro Series Therapy Mat has evolved to be the most superior therapy option out there for owners, handlers, trainers, professionals and veterinarians.

The Pro Difference

Out Most Advanced Therapy System

  • Dual Power - Mains & Lithium-ion Battery
  • Stainless Steel Chew Proof Cord
  • Ultra Durable - Fluid Resistant Cover
  • Unique Cycloid Vibration Therapy Delivery
  • Antimicrobial - Copper Infused Gel Foam
  • Australian Made Medical Grade System

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